Bell chamber

The Radio Beacon (Bell Chamber)

On the 13th July 1944 Giles Gilbert Scott made a recording for broadcast on British radio. It was his first public pronouncement on the cathedral building.

“The practical requirements of a cathedral are few and simple, but ‘appeal’, that much abused word, is an essential requirement dominating all others. This I feel is more important and fundamental than the questions of architectural style that seem so important to some people. I like to think of Liverpool Cathedral as one of the first buildings of a new age – an age we hope and believe will bring a higher appreciation of non-material values.”

In Holland at the same time Scott’s friend and contemporary Dutch architect Willem Dudok had just completed his Hilversum new town embellishing the tower of the Town Hall with its own set of commemorative bells. Of all architects, Scott admired Dudok’s ability to reinvent traditional approaches and materials in a truly modern aesthetic. Hilversum was to be a beacon to the modern world and soon became the centre of the European Broadcasting Industry.