Forster & Heighes

Ewan Forster and Christopher Heighes studied theatre at Dartington College of Arts in Devon. In 1993 they formed an artistic partnership with the specific aim of creating innovative and unusual theatre events in and about intriguing and neglected architectural sites. Their building-based artworks are developed out of a detailed exploration of place; one that challenges notions of what is original and fixed. The work seeks to disrupt routine and common-held perceptions of the built environment by actively exploring how space is read and experienced. By means of installation and performance, a many-layered model of ideas and relationships is formed that actively 'rewrites' a building. By addressing the 'in between' and neglected aspects of architectural space they are able to present multiple viewpoints of its history and the philosophies that formed it. Forster & Heighes have created site-specific artworks for a wide variety of unusual locations over the last twenty years in the United Kingdom and abroad. Forster & Heighes are Creative Research Fellows at The University of Roehampton, London.