A Handbook of Theatrical Devices

Performance Research: A Journal of Performing Arts. Vol 10, issue 4, 2005.

The Earth a Good Apartment, PAJ, 2011

PAJ - A Journal of Performance and Art: The Earth a Good Apartment Issue 98, 2011, pp 18-25

You Are Here, 2003

A publication which accompanied "You Are Here", a project which explored local Bloomsbury architecture and culture.



You Are Here, 2003

‘Books, immense as their value really is, are over-rated when it is supposed that
they may be made to teach us everything. Many of the items which constitute the
mass of human knowledge have not yet found their way into books, but remain still
loose and ungathered among the habits and daily transactions of society.”

from The Pursuit of Knowledge under Difficulties
The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge 1831